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3. If you don't see stereo or your Inet-connection too slow or page don't work. Then you may see this photos in photogallery of Siberian Lihoman Sorry, now only on Russian but with simple navigation interface.

11.09.01 - Added 6 pairs with Garden Dwellers (flowers and moth) and 33 pairs with Indoor Plants (flowers and succulents - more Haworthias, Aloe, Gasterias, Kalanchoe, Echeveria, Aeonium, Cacti, Echidnopsis, Karruanthus, Faukarias, Stapelia etc.).
25.05.01 - Changed Gallary structure. Different themes break down on four small galleries. Edited-cleaned some pairs. Added to site one more size of pictures. Now default size of pairs will be 192x144 px (size in kb of this pictures more small than original and speed of download it will be higher). But any change of resolution in drop list will return back original size (in kb) of pairs. Added some pairs of indoor plants and Novosibirsk zoo.
02.08.00 - Added Forum (Guestbook). Welcome for all.
26.07.00 - Added 10 stereopairs of Novosibirsk's views. Added 20 Flowers stereopairs (and any pairs changed). Added 20 stereopairs with Novosibirsk Zoo.
Now page work in NC.
30.06.00 - Added two buttons and choosing pages to navigation. Added help (rus & engl). Added 20 stereopairs with views of Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia). Left frames added to my main photogallery.